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Rental Service of New and Old Generators

Our array of generator hire services caters to all the corporate establishments, educational institutions, social and official gatherings, events, and many other areas. Our generator hire services are customized as per our client’s specific needs. We provide a complete range of generators from 5 K.V.A to 1250 K.V.A for varied commercial and consumers application.

Sale of New and Old Generators

We can offer an extensive range of new and secondhand generators from stock. We are dealing with the sale of our D.G sets with capacity up to 1250KVA. D.G sets with higher capacities are also provided as per the request. Our D.G sets are manufactured considering all the aspects of its functions and thus avoid any chances of complaints from the user side. They are soundproof and silent Gensets that relieve you from the worries of noisy power supply. All sizes available from 5 KVA to 1 MW (1250 KVA).

Purchase of New and Old Generators

In order to meet the growing demands from our customers for Genset rental services, we are now involved in the purchase of old Gensets of capacity up to 1250KVA. We have a dedicated unit of engineers who are to look after these machines and improve their performance if they do not meet our standards. If you wish to sell your old Genset, you may contact us for the best deal available in India.

Repairing of Generators

We offer prompt generator repair services in order to ensure that the generator performs flawlessly. Our adept engineers check each part of the generator to ensure it is defect free. They further ensure that the generator offers optimum performance.

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